College & Career

Many college students mistakenly hold the view that high school graduation is also a graduation from their faith. FSBC Pratt challenges our college/career students to rebel against that false perception and take their faith much deeper during their college years. We offer many exciting opportunities for our college and career students to grow with Jesus, to meet and develop new friendships, to minister to and serve other students, and to have fun! 

Contact church office for more information.

Christian Challenge

Sundays @ 6pm @ Brent & Farrah Schmidt's (323 S High)

Although Christian Challenge is lead by FSBC, it is considered a non-denominational group of Christ followers looking to dig deep into the Word of God, build friendships, and have a lot of fun. Along with the weekly bible study, Christian Challenge will take a few Sunday nights to play paintball, have a drive-in movie, or attend a concert.