Worship Through Giving

We believe in the Biblical principles of storehouse giving and New Testament giving. In the Old Testament, we are commanded to bring our regular tithe (10%) into the storehouse, or in today's terms, the local church. In the New Testament we are commanded to give everything that we have to anyone who needs it in a generous, regular, and joyful way. No matter how much you give or how often, when you give at First Southern, you're not just helping to meet ministry needs but you are giving to God as an act of worship. 

Church Ministry

When you give to First Southern, you are joining with other members in supporting the work and ministry of your local church. From staff salaries to various ministry expenses, and even just keeping the Worship Center well lit and temperature controlled during worship services our church has financial needs just like any other. These needs are generously provided for by faithful givers just like you. In addition to maintaining and providing for existing ministries, we also desire to grow and to see God expand His earthly Kingdom through us. There is no limit to what we will accomplish when God's people willingly give theirselves and their finances.

Local Missions

Part of your gift goes to support local ministries such as the Bread of Life Food Pantry, Pass it Forward, and the Hope Center. These local ministries help people in need within the Pratt community.

Kansas and Beyond

Your gift goes not just to our church and local ministries, but also to proclaim the gospel throughout Kansas, North America and the rest of the World. In addition to helping support  the specific missionaries and mission work listed on our website, like our Africa Missions, we also partner with the other Southern Baptist entities to see work accomplished at home and abroad. These entities include the Central Baptist Association which covers central Kansas, the Kansas-Nebraska Convention of Southern Baptists which oversees mission work through the Kansas and Nebraska, the North American Mission Board which accomplishes ministry across the United States and the International Mission Board which maintains a team of over 4,000 missionaries across the globe. Additionally, we indirectly support the Southern Baptist Convention's Executive Committee, Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, all six Southern Baptist Seminaries and more through our Cooperative Program gifts.