Builders For Christ

Builders for Christ (BFC) is a group of men, women and children serving our Lord Jesus Christ in the mission field of church construction. We help churches build their buildings by providing and coordinating volunteer labor. Our building teams consist of volunteers from all walks of life, including contractors, public servants, computer professionals, students, retired people, nurses, truck drivers, and more. There is a job for everyone, and all we need are servant hearts and willing hands.

The BFC Leadership Team organize and plan the mission trip for the construction project at the host church. Each construction project is comprised of a Project Team Leader, a Construction Leader, a Safety Coordinator, Team Leaders, and a Kitchen Coordinator.

The majority of our volunteers take a week of vacation and pay their own way while working on the construction project. Logistical preparation for, and support of the volunteers by the host church is essential and significant, as each of the volunteers pay for their own expenses while working on the construction project, including fuel, transportation, food and lodging.

The host church is responsible for procuring and paying for the land, site work, slab work, building materials, equipment, building design, project development costs, permitting, etc. Builders for Christ offers assistance to the host church by providing volunteer labor for light gauge steel framing, wood framing, brick veneer masonry, roofing, electrical conduit and wiring, electrical service and fixtures, plumbing rough-ins, HVAC ductwork and piping, drywall installation, door and hardware installation, cabinet work, finish carpentry, and painting.

Our mission is to continue to seek out churches with a desire to be involved in missions, and to help those churches in their planning and implantation of a construction plan, to encourage those churches to be good stewards of the resources that God has provided, and to continue to grow His kingdom.

Get Involved

We will be taking a team of people this summer to serve as a team of people who will help construct a church building in Tennessee. 

If you are interested please contact the church office.