Our Missionaries

As a mission-minded congregation, part of our efforts to fulfill the Great Commission is to come alongside and partner with those who have been called to full-time missions. Below are some of the missionaries we are currently supporting:

Patrick & Jana Crisp (Proclaim Aviation Ministries)

(Actual photo withheld due to security concerns)

Patrick grew up on a farm in rural Kansas. He fell in love with aviation at a very young age and learned how pilots can use their unique skills to spread the Gospel and help the hurting around the world. Jana grew up in southern Ontario and then moved to North Carolina with her family. Missions was always the one pursuit of her life. Patrick and Jana met when God led them both to work with Youth With a Mission. They were married in January 2006.

God's call to share the Gospel and make disciples among all nations withstood the test of time, school debt, having 3 children, a few job changes, and more than a few moves! Through His amazing providence and provision, they are now preparing to return to the place their hearts never left: Africa.

Patrick is working as a pilot/mechanic for Africa Inland Mission as full-time missionaries. As a missionary pilot, Patrick is transporting missionaries and supplies, and doing other ministries, such as leading Bible studies or chronological Bible storying groups with men who work at the local airports. Jana is homeschooling their children and building relationships in the course of everyday life. These relationships will lead to storying groups and Bible study groups with the women.

You can find out more about the Crisps and the organizations with which they partner at www.crispconnection.com

Maharashtra Baptist Society (Maharashtra, India)

Since 1984, The MBS has created a presence in Maharashtra (the 2nd most populous state in India). They now have 13 community centers and 191 churches. Their goal is to reach Indians with the gospel of Jesus by reaching out into the communities with compassion and caring for the afflicted. Some of the work they do in the community centers and churches consists of tailoring and literacy classes, health check-ups, widow support, and day care centers. They also have group homes for survivors of human trafficking and children homes for orphans. To find out more information, visit www.mbsbaptist.org.